Brian’s Testimony

My name is Brian H. I grew up in a non-Christian home. My parents were very supportive in anything that I ever expressed interest in, so when I was eight and decided that I wanted to see what church was like my parents found a local Presbyterian church for my older sister and I to attend. I remember having a mixture of anticipation and nervousness when the first Sunday came. My parents would take us and pick us up, but the caveat would be that they would not attend services with us. I remember this disheartened me but I was stubborn so I did it anyway. So on Sundays my sister and I would go to separate bible study classes then meet up for the main service in the sanctuary. I do remember meeting some nice classmates in my bible study, but I also remember being the only kids in the main service without parents. That really made it hard on my sister and I. We felt different, which being a young kid didn’t sit very well with me. We attended this church for a few years, but as I grew older other interests took precedence over being with God.

I had lost my way. Flash-forward to 2006, I was divorced and living a modest life when a colleague of mine invited me to attend church with her. We attended a service at Bel Air Presbyterian Church located in Bel Air, Ca. The speaking pastor that day was Dr. Mark Brewer. I didn’t expect to get much out of this sermon, since I really wasn’t looking for anything. Boy was I in for a big surprise. His words, message and grace touched me deeply. It felt as if he was speaking directly to me in a service of probably five hundred. In between some tears there were some laughs because that was Mark’s style. He didn’t come off holier than thou but like a regular person. Being broken and sad, that is probably exactly what I needed at the time. I went back to listen to Mark several more times thirsting for more.

Then one evening home alone; as I was emptying the dishwasher, it hit me. My only hope was in Jesus Christ and that I could not make it alone. I was physically alone, but I didn’t feel alone. He was with me, The Lord Jesus Christ. He had been with me all this time, I just didn’t want to see him or recognize him. I acknowledged he had redeemed me through his grace and glory since he died on the cross for my sins. I prayed that The Lord would forgive my sins and come back into my life so I could become a willing Since becoming one with the Lord, my friend who gave me the invitation to attend church again and a new lease on life has become my wife. After living in Los Angeles for several years, we moved to
another city a few years ago and have settled into raising a family. I was convicted to find a new church that we felt comfortable with. After a friend’s suggestion, we attended a service at Friends Church Yorba Linda. I instantly felt welcome, inspired and motivated to see what The Lord had in store for my family and I. God was pushing my wife and I to find a small group to further our journey. We were placed into a newly formed group consisting of 4 other couples. I felt God working amongst our group and an instant bond was formed. Since then, the men of our group have felt a calling. Not being satisfied just meeting twice a month; we began to venture out into our community through the power of The Lord, to conduct outreach to the less fortunate. This has evolved into a non-profit organization to enable us to spread God’s word. I feel blessed to have been put where I am. It gives me peace to give back and energizes me to continue my relationship with Jesus. I know I will fail him often, but his faith is why I choose to walk with Him and accept his grace and comfort day in and day out. I will forever be a soldier of God.

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