Les’ Testimony

Four months ago my son asked me if I would be interested in writing down my thoughts about living a life with God at its center. I immediately said yes. It sounded like an easy thing to do for someone who has gone to church all his life and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior about 45 years ago as a teenager. Simple. No brainer. Wrong.

It is difficult to say that I am a Christian knowing how often I fail to live my life the way God wants me to. I fail every day. I sin every day. I sound like a hypocrite when I claim to be a Christian and do what I do. So it is difficult to sit here and write this.

Most of the time when we get caught doing something wrong we suffer the consequences. Speeding ticket? – pay a fine. Steal something? – go to jail. Use drugs? – ruin your life. Cheat on your spouse? – divorce. Sin against God? – forgiven. Huh? Back up a minute. How does that work? Forgiveness. That is what God offers. Love is who God is. In spite of what I do God forgives. All I have to do is sincerely ask for God’s forgiveness and try to live a better life and He wipes the slate clean. Kind of crazy isn’t it?

So am I a hypocrite – I hope not. Am I a forgiven sinner – absolutely! I hope you are too! Just ask Him.

Les H. – 60 years old

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