Clint’s Testimony

I was raised in a Christian home, went to private Christian school, but I did not understand the Gospel while growing up. I memorized the Bible verses for the Bible verse quiz, but I did not understand why I was doing it. I thought I was doing it for a grade not for an eternal purpose. Growing up I experienced a lot of death and loss in my family and what I thought at the time my world around me. I remember going through a depression like phase where I was mad at God for taking my great grand parents from me. I wondered what I did wrong, why did God have to take them away from me, why did God take away the people that as a child I looked up to, why did I have to feel this pain and loss. I begged to be taken from it
for God to give me an answer. I was so bitter and angry with God, for “taking” my great grandparents from me. I thought I was a Christian, I mean my parents are Christians, I went to a private Christian school, I prayed when hard times arose, I did not do anything I thought was bad or sinful. I compared what I did to something I thought was worse and I would justify my actions or thoughts, by making myself look better than the sinner I really was.

I was in the 7th grade at Science Camp 2007, being taught by Dr. Dean Ortner the “Million Volt Man”. Dr. Ortner would give a presentation every evening with the theme science and the Bible. During this point of my life I was very interested in science. I was fourteen years old and thought since God “failed” me with my great grandparents, I thought science was the answer to my questions I started to become very suspicious of God and Christianity. I remember it was March 15, 2007, Dr. Ortner got on top of this podium and electricity started coming out of his fingers and running through his body. I was astonished at how this was happening. It was after this that he fully presented the gospel and did an altar call. It was at
that point that I heard the call of God and responded to him. I remember repenting of my sins and filling this huge burden being lifted from me. The Lord placed me around some of the most influential people during this time. My history teacher, science teacher, math teacher that came along side of me and helped me, discipled me, encouraged me.

I became aware of my sins and gave them to God. God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for my sins so that Christ would atone for my wickedness. I knew that I was guilty to God’s standards and that I was sinful because of passages: Romans 3:9-31, 6:23, 10:9-11, Ephesians 2:8-9, Titus 3:5 1Peter 3:18. It was the call of God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the pull of the Holy Spirit that pulled me from the depths because of passages like Ephesians 2, Isaiah
52:13-15. God has now made me a son and apart of his family Isaiah 54, Romans 5:9-11, 8:13-God called me to be one of His sons, even when I was a sinner. God has helped me with my issues with pride. I know that I am only human and still fail Him often, God remains faithful to me and I find joy and in His saving grace and keeping me in His hands and blessing me. By Gods grace and mercy I am where He has put me, but it has not come without its challenges and calls. If it were not for Gods grace I would not be the man I am today. God saw it fit to give me a huge blessing in a wife. I owe all blessings to God!

In Lámha Dé,

Clint W.

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