Josh’s Testimony

My name is Josh H. I was born into a solid Christian family that displayed God’s love. I was baptized in church as an infant and made a public profession of my faith as a young teenager. I had unbelievable Christian role models in my life. All four of my grandparents displayed what it meant to be a follower and a disciple of Jesus. Despite this solid foundation, I fell far apart from God after circumstances in my life caused me to feel alone and apart from God’s love. During these dark years I thought, said and did what I wanted, with no regard for what God wanted. I made some terrible choices and have done unspeakable things. My life was focused on earthly desires.

By God’s grace alone, I met and married a Christian woman. God has worked through my wife Carrie to bring me back to Him. We began regularly attending Yorba Linda Friends Church approximately 8 years ago. Over the past couple of years God has placed several Godly men in my life through my job as a Firefighter and through Group Life (small group bible studies). These men have been instrumental in bringing me awareness to where I was in my faith, showing me what God expects and deserves from my life, and keeping me accountable. I came to realize that God still loves me despite my failures and sins. I realized that God has been there all along, patiently waiting for me to come home (Luke 15:11-32). I realized that the way I was living my life, under my terms, was not working and was not bringing me true happiness and fulfillment. The only place to find this happiness and fulfillment is in the love of Christ. But God required repentance from me (Luke 15:7). I had to admit my sin, ask for his forgiveness, turn away from my past and walk toward the face and grace of Jesus, who died on the cross a torturous death so that I could have a relationship with my Father and live eternally in heaven with Him.

During these last couple of years, I have begun to release control in areas of my life and have begun to trust more fully in God (Proverbs 3:5-6). For me personally, this transformation has been gradual. It was not an overnight change. It has been a series of little things, little changes in my life that have now added up to a dramatic transformation. My life looks so much different now than it did a couple of years ago. From the music that I listen to, how I spend the money that God has blessed me with, how I view and treat my wife and children, the people that I spend time with, the amount of time I spend reading the Bible and in prayer. There are many little changes that eventually turn into life changing
transformation. I have slowly begun to see a change in my heart and my desires. I have found that I want less of the world and more of Him! I am hungrier than ever for His word, and for His presence through prayer. Because of this transformation, I am constantly and consistently reading the Bible and seeking His desires.

Today, I am not even close to a perfect picture of Jesus Christ. I still continue to fail and sin. But I have accepted that I am a sinner and I allow God’s grace and forgiveness to free me from that sin. I am now fully placing my trust in Jesus, I am acknowledging that I need Him as the Lord of my life and as my Savoir, and I am allowing the Holy Spirit to rule the direction of my life. I have recently been baptized in my church as a public testimony expressing the internal transformation that has happened in my life. I am excited that the old things have passed away and, in Christ, I have been made a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). My prayer is that I have the courage and boldness to be used by God and
further His kingdom here on earth (Philippians 4:13, Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 4:29-31).

My prayer is that my story will give you hope for your future and point you towards and bring you into relationship with the Almighty Creator. God bless you, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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