About Us

What does Redemption through Jesus mean?

Everyone in this world is in the need of redemption. The Bible tells us that, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. (Romans 3:23). The word redeem means to “buy out”. God sent His Son Jesus to this world to take on our sin, at His death on the cross and because His blood was shed for us, we are no longer slaves to our sin. Jesus purchased our freedom so that we don’t have to have eternal separation from God. Jesus paid the price for our release from sin and its consequences. He rescued us!

The benefits for redemption include eternal life (Rev 5:9-10), forgiveness of sins (Eph 1:7), adoption into God’s family (Gal 4:5), Peace with God (Col 1:18-20), the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19-20), deliverance from sin’s bondage (1 Peter 1:14-18, Titus 2:14). To be redeemed, means we have been forgiven, adopted, justified, freedom, reconciled, & set apart to do good works.

How we got started: We are five families that came together in a small group through our Church to do life together. We learned through our time together that we all had the desire to share His love with our community. We are committed to the outreach for homeless, children in foster care, children sick in the hospital, girls on the street or caught up in human trafficking, and the elderly in nursing homes. Our heart is to share the love of Jesus by providing resources for their needs.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To point all people to their loving Savior Jesus Christ

Our Mission

Redemption through Jesus are agents of His love who want to bring impactful resources, real stories from Christ witnesses, & His outreach service to this broken world in order for all to find relationship/wholeness/victory in Jesus.

Our Values

  • Family First
  • Reflecting His Love
  • Demonstrating Compassion
  • Being of Service
  • Speaking Truth in Love

Statement of Faith:

  • We believe in one Eternal God.
  • We believe the Bible is the living word of God and without error.
  • We believe in the Trinity – One Eternal God who exists as three persons…Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.
  • We believe Salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone. Through faith by grace in Jesus alone, we can come in a right relationship with God, our sins are forgiven and we receive eternal life.
  • We believe that God has called us to be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to be God’s agents of love and reconciliation in the world.
  • We believe in the church as the people of God, composed of all who believe in Jesus Christ, who support and equip each other through worship, teaching, and accountability, who model God’s loving community, and who proclaim the gospel to the world.
  • We believe Christ is present as we gather in his name, seeking to worship in spirit and in truth. All believers are joined in the one body of Christ, are baptized by the Spirit, and live in Christ’s abiding presence.
  • We believe in the personal return of Jesus Christ, in the resurrection of the dead, in God’s judgment of all persons with perfect justice and mercy, and in eternal reward and punishment. Ultimately, Christ’s kingdom will be victorious over all evil, and the faithful will reign with him in eternal life.
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