Every December, Redemption Through Jesus, Inc. partners with Angel Tree Ministries to purchase and deliver Christmas Gifts to children with an incarcerated parent. We coordinate directly with the caregivers to purchase gifts according to the specific needs of the children.
Over the past 6 years we have provided gifts for 50 children each Christmas in Orange County, CA, Boise, ID, and Nashville, TN. To get involved, you can reach out to Redemption Through Jesus, Inc. above, or we have provided a link directly to Angel Tree's website below.


Angel Tree Christmas™ equips churches and other organizations to serve incarcerated parents by providing a pathway for strengthening and restoring their relationships with their children and families. Angel Tree Christmas mobilizes local churches and community organizations to give hundreds of thousands of children a gift, the Gospel message, and a personal message of love on behalf of their incarcerated parent. In addition, many partner churches meet the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of prisoners’ families through year-round ministry such as camping, sports camps, and enfolding Angel Tree families into church life.

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